My name is Braden (LOONEY POODLE) and this is the story about me.

I am a Gamer and a Starving Artist (Well almost!).

This is my first website and I hope that you will like it and follow me on my adventure.

I have a job, my own appartment, an old beater of a car, and I am finally going back to school,
which will make my Grandparents super happy!

Grandpa has been trying to get me to learn coding for longer than I can remember;
Now I will have too!

I play and review games, make videos and place them on YouTube.

My Goal is to become a World Renown Film Maker.

Hopefully I can generate an income from my website to help offset the cost of tuition.

If you like the website and my videos please tell others, if you do not like any part of
what I am doing PLEASE TELL ME, and I will try my best to improve.

Visit me on YouTube and the other Social Sites!

Thank you all for looking, LOONEY POODLE (Braden)


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